Since 2002, FV has developed a deep knowledge about the automotive market and has strived to always respond to its high requirements.

Thanks to the support received from its customers, who constantly demonstrate their confidence in the FV brand, this one hundred percent Argentine capital company has grown and consolidated in the auto parts market, being to date, one of its main suppliers.

Our plant, placed in San Isidro, Argentina, is high technology equipped and has highly trained personnel in all its areas, both necessary conditions to manufacture our products, as these are considered elements of safety in the car.

In accordance to the high challenge that an open market presents for a company, FV has planned its sales strategy aiming to Mercosur and other markets.

Currently, our company supplies all models of rack and pinion steering systems in Argentine market, and others that have been manufactured upon abroad customers’ request.

Our intention is to have in stock all models of rack and pinion steering systems requested by our customers, a dramatic challenge considering the current renewal of the automotive fleet.